Dr. Fun Sysadmin Special

Doctor Fun DV-Specials. Click on the pictures to enlarge - auf das Bild klicken zur Vergrößerung! Doctor Fun ist © by David Farley at ibiblio.org, mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Autors. Die Serie wurde vor ein paar Jahren eingestellt.

cow Farmer Brown, Network Administrator: „It wasn't too hard for anybody to hack into the system since everybody set their login password to 'moo'“ 1.9.1997
unixhell Unix gurus in hell: „And we've pre-installed Microsoft, Bob!“ 13.7.1995
Version1 The guy who always bought version 1.0 of everything and never upgraded. 3.9.1996
paper Revenge of the sysadmin: „Will distributed toilet paper services be available for Windows users?“ 6.8.2003
tux A penguin returns to the flock after seeing the world: „It's ok, I guess. Wherever I go guys in black T-Shirts and ponytails pump their fists at me and yell stuff like 'Woooo-Go Tux!' and 'Bill Gates sucks!'“ 28.5.2001
admin „Yes, I am a unix system administrator, but I suppose your query is based on clichés about unix system administrators.“ 28.8.2003
beta The transition from software developer to drugstore manager is a difficult one. “'Beta' carotene? So when does this stuff actually ship?“ 12.11.2003
holmes If Sherlock Holmes was a sysadmin - The Sendmail Problem of the Baskervilles 3.5.2005
ant The lure of the honeypot ant - I'm stuffed with delicious nectar and here I sit on a completely unpatched Windows 2003 server. 24.8.2005