Securing and Hardening Linux Production Systems

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2006

„A Practical Guide to Basic Security in Linux Production Environments“ von Werner Puschitz auf versteht sich als step-by-step Guide zur Absicherung von Linux-Produktionssystemen.

„The main objective of this Linux Security guide is to discuss basic Linux security requirements for production systems that are being audited which includes account policies. This document covers various system services like SSH which is usually enabled and needed on all Linux production servers.“

Im Einzelnen werden die Themen abgehandelt:

  • Removing Unnecessary Software Packages (RPMs)
  • Patching Linux Systems
  • Detecting Listening Network Ports
  • Closing Network Ports and Disabling Runlevel System Services
  • Closing Network Ports and Disabling Xinetd Services
  • Reviewing Inittab and Boot Scripts
  • Checking Accounts
  • Enabling Password Aging
  • Enforcing Stronger Passwords
  • Restricting Use of Previous Passwords
  • Locking User Accounts After Too Many Login Failures
  • Restricting Direct Login Access for System and Shared Accounts
  • Restricting su Access to System and Shared Accounts
  • Restricting System Access from Servers and Networks
  • Preventing Accidental Denial of Service
  • Checking File Permissions and Ownership
  • Securing NFS
  • Securing SSH
  • Securing Sendmail
  • Securing Postfix
  • Secure Remote Logging
  • Kernel Tunable Security Parameters
  • Copying Files Using SSH Without Providing a Login Prompt
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