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Asus eeePC Review auf HotHardware

Autor: Thomas Schramm am 4. Dezember 2007 @ 02:36 unter EeePC,PDA Hardware | 1 Kommentar

eeePCEinen ausführlichen Test des Asus eee PC hat Hot Hardware [1]. Neben der üblichen Hardware-Fledderei gibt es erfreulicherweise sehr viele Screenshots und Tests der mitgelieferten Software – von Multimedia (Video, Musik und Grafiktools) bis Connectivity über LAN und WLAN.

Hype oder echte Innovation?

Does the Eee PC live up to the marketing spin and hype? In our not-so humble opinion, the answer would be a resounding „yes“. For around $300 – $350 you get a fully functional, well equipped, highly portable PC that is reliable, responsive and just works. You also get a boat-load of software, games and utilities for your money, thanks to the open source initiative surrounding the Linux community in general. Admittedly, we haven’t spent a ton of time with Linux distros for the desktop but what Asus has brought to market with their incarnation for the Eee PC felt perfectly natural for even the Windows snobs amongst our team. We feel very comfortable giving the Asus Eee PC our coveted Editor Choice Award for product innovation and excellence. (ebd.)

Beides. ;-) Auslieferung in Deutschland [2] (Amazon) um Weihnachten herum.

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